Making Of The Peony Print

Making Of The Peony Print

Peony season is short and oh-so-sweet in the UK. Watching a Coral Charm unfurl from a tightly wrapped golf ball to full bloom, complete with a colour change from fuchsia to cornsilk via peach, is one of the great pleasures of spring. I wanted to capture that wonder with this print.

Peony flowers in pink and white

The print began with my pencil drawing of peonies in bloom, the stems interconnecting so that a rectangular wooden block could repeat to create a full, floral print.

Drawing of peony flowers in pencil
Drawing of peony flowers in pencil

This drawing was then traced by a master artisan who carves the drawing into teak wood with a chisel. Depending on the number of colours in the print, various blocks will be created for each layer of colour.

For the colour, I sought a pale blue contrasted with white. My moodboard was filled with our photos of the blue room at Samode Palace with its white floral frescoes, Jasperware vases from Wedgwood and the forget-me-knots that fill the borders of a spring garden.

Block printing the blue peony print in Jaipur

And then, time to sample the print. The honour and joy it brings me to work with these artisans in Jaipur is second to none. The pressure on the wooden block is an art: too much and it will smudge, too little and it will fail. But minor imperfections are the beauty of the craft; they signal a human hand and story, rather than the dull accuracy and symmetry pumped out on repeat by a machine. You can find out more about this heritage craft of block printing in my article for Cabana Magazine.

Size290cm x 190cm

A light blue tablecloth with a new peony print. Inspired by the floral frescoes of Samode Palace (pictured) and the unfurling petals of the Duchesse De Nemours peony, Rosanna drew the print by hand. This design was then traced, cut into teak wood and block printed by the talented artisans with whom she works in Jaipur. The tablecloth is finished with a 4-inch ruffle hem.

Printed by hand, no two tablecloths are ever quite the same. Block printing is a technique handed down from generation to generation, whether it is the deft, delicate touch required to carve the motifs from teak or pear wood, or the light, exact tap used to stamp onto fabric.

Matching napkins available.

290cm standard size but note the front has been pulled low to the floor for the purpose of the photo shoot.

Sold in three sizes:

190cm x 290cm
200cm x 400cm
240cm diameter round

With thanks to the team Samode Palace for the shoot location.

Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Do not bleach. For air drying, please avoid direct sunlight. To tumble drying, please use a low heat. The product can be ironed on a low setting and dry cleaned. Full care guidelines here.

100% Indian cotton

The Journal

All customers will receive a menu card printed with Rosanna's Jaipur Bloom design.


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